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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

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9th September 2011 – Vision from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

I was worshipping the Lord and at 8:45am I began in song to ask the Lord to open my eyes to see like Daniel and to open my ears to hear like Elijah. Then, the Holy Spirit showed me a picture frame and asked me what I saw. The picture frame began to change its stillness and transform into a movie. I told the Lord I saw a large tree with a tall trunk and many branches with huge leaves. He said to me to look closer and tell Him what I saw. I told Him I saw insects, many ants walking up and down the trunk of the tree carrying pieces of leaves looking very industrious. “Good,” He said. Then, My Jesus asked me to look again and tell Him what I saw. I told Him I saw little birds in a comfortable nest and the mother bird feeding them. What a beautiful sight, I thought. The Lord smiled. Hereafter, the Holy Spirit asked me once again to tell Him what I saw. I told Him I saw what seemed like a chipmunk or small squirrel scamper up the truck of the tree running from a sly fox and settled under one of the huge leaves. Then, the sly fox ran swiftly behind attempting to catch the little chipmunk. He was unable to as the chipmunk was high up in the tree and hiding under the shadow of the large leaf where he could not be seen. “Very good,” said the Lord.

Suddenly, as I was enjoying the moving vision, Holy Spirit told me to look up and I saw the blue sky which glowed it seemed, when in an instant, the sky turned into a dark grey cloud and the rain began to fall. My thoughts were on the animals at that time, but when I looked for them, they were all fine as they had prepared for this downpour. It was at that point I felt I was that little squirrel.

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