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Testimony by Jacqueline London

On Saturday 7th June, I attended the M.A.P. fellowship service. It was awesome. Minister Charmaine shared a prophetic Word on “Cube it and behold perfection.” She then made a declaration of gifts and told us to bring down those that we identified with. I claimed the Word of Knowledge, the Word of Wisdom and others thus related.

On Sunday I attended a local fellowship where the Spirit of the Lord led us to pray for the leaders. I felt a strong anointing. The gifts of the word of wisdom and of prophecy were manifested and even the pastor said: “I have never seen Minister London minister at such a high level.” I was surprised because I did not know that it was seen as ” a high level”. Then I remembered the impartation of the day before.

Praise the Name of the Lord! His Word is true. He is faithful.

- Jacqueline London

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