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Life: Journal by Martini (15 years)

life is sad
life is bad
some wish they were gone
some which they were never born
others wished they had a magic wand
some die
some cry
and others ask why

Some poor, some rich, some famous, others have potential in being something they want to be, don’t matter what negative comments they may tend to get. It  is nice to see someone moving forward to their goal and that people show interest, because everyone has feelings. Some countries are very easy for people to benefit  themselves even thou they may not have that much talent or skill.

Others travel all around the world, do amazing things, while others wish they can. Some are famous, actors, singers and artist.

Some have it really bad, they don’t have food, clothes, shelter or anyone. Some don’t have  homes, families, families to look after them and support them in whatever way they can.

Some are really bright when others are not capable of doing things.
Some know God while others don’t. Some are so caught up in the world that they don’t have time for our Lord and Savior who is Jesus Christ. They don’t know him. Some weren’t  brought up the right way because of how their parents were raised.

Some may have been brought up knowing and doing the wrong things and they passed it on, especially when they don’t know any better. Some do wrong for whatever reason.

God is watching this whole earth, seeing and knowing everything. He sees the wickedness, He sees people stressing, some dying, some crying, some trying and others searching. He sees some having a great time while others don’t and not knowing him. He desire souls, he desire  that all will be saved, that they will loosen up from this earth. We are all brothers and sisters. God is our Father. He has an everlasting love for us. Many people don’t know that. My desire also is to see all be save and get to know God and to do what is right before its too late.

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