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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Crusade Report – San Juan Promenade – 9th June 2012

The next crusade was held at the San Juan Promenade in the heart of the bustling Croisee.

San Juan itself has a population of at least 55,000 people, but this particular venue is traversed by people from all around the country as it is a transportation hub. The Promenade is habitually used by people from all denominations for various and sundry ‘religious’ services. This, however was a service of a different hue, under the full conduct of the Spirit of the Living God.

Although we were in the middle of the Eastern Main Road, there was a sense of beauty all around. We were surrounded by the poor, needy, sick and broken-hearted. Again, the message was simple and straightforward, centreing around our holy God, in direct contrast to the messages preached there before, messages paying tribute to strange fire and strange gods.

People from all around were touched and drawn. The seats were filled and throngs of people came forward for prayer. Our pastor laid hands on all, no-one was left out, not even the several vagrants, alcoholics, drug addicts and surely prostitutes that came forward hoping to receive a touch from God. There were also many young people whose giftings were stirred up that day and more than 50 people were saved!

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