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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Monthly Archives: October 2013

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Calling on America!

Contributed by Lorenzo Legge

This world is on bended knees. We are in for a battle of the ages. Sleeping giants are awakening from their slumber looking to eat, kill and destroy. The stage is set. America is falling. Gone are the days where Christian values mattered and were an intricate part of a person’s upbringing.

You’re summoned into your boss’ office and you hear your contract has been terminated for Speaking Jesus’ name. It is as if His name is homophobic or a derogatory word that offends persons whose beliefs are nothing but far from the truth.

Where has America gone? Is she hiding stripped of all of her glory and her clothing hiding in fear stripped form her glorious past leaving Israel to stand on her own feet? Oh America what have you become? The world once knew what you were founded on.

Where are those godly principles that the founding fathers created your foundation on? Have they gone with the wind? You’re now the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah going after your own intent. America it pains me to say this but you are soon becoming a godless society. Your country is crumbling and lost its moral compass and its own vibrant soul that once was.

Turn and repent for our days are numbered.

There is still hope, people!

God in Today’s Society

Contributed by: Lorenzo Legge

We should ask ourselves this. In our world today with everything moving faster than the speed of sound. Are we finding the time in this fast pace society we live in. This global village to adequately teach and to train our young persons to achieve their God given ability yet alone teach them about him how to pray to him to learn about him.

To teach them morals of life lending a helping hand correcting them from their infancy days to childhood these are the years in the development of that child’s brain it is crucial to let them know not only what is wrong from right but to teach them about Jesus and his values and that he is coming soon and is looking for a pure heart.

Where does God come into our society – can anybody tell me?

We humans need to be mindful that nothing can be attained but through King Jesus and Jesus alone. We cannot breath let alone operate without him. Let’s stop fooling ourselves. The Lord is the giver of Life he is mighty and just. We need to check ourselves ask him to assist us take time out of our busy day to worship him in reverence thanking him for what we have.

Fathers and mothers take the time to teach your children not only earthly things but things about heaven and hell and that Jesus is real and is soon coming. Seek ye the Kingdom of God first and everything else will be added on to you. No one can enter my Fathers Kingdom but through me.

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