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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Monthly Archives: March 2013

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Grace of God – By Sharon

On Saturday 2nd March, 2013, I had only slept for about 3 hours the morning, before arising and going to work for 8:30am. I was tired. No major events happened at work. I fought off sleep and was fine for the day. I arranged to meet Roger, a fellow member of MAP, at 4pm in Curepe to go to Service that afternoon.
I stopped to purchase some water and wheat crisps to munch on while waiting on him, with that snack I felt slightly invigorated and some of the tiredness lifted.

Driving along the Eastern Main Road and onto the Churchill Roosevelt Highway with Roger, we chatted and listened to Paul Wilbur’s “Shalom Jerusalem” album. I was fine.
But as I reached the Beetham Highway and the closer we got to Diego Martin, a strong sleep came upon me.
I thought to myself this can’t be the biscuits working so fast in my digestive system.
I drank some water it helped a bit. But the sleep persisted.
I didn’t tell Roger anything.

My eyes were closing shut and I am driving the car still, speeding by the way (not excessively – within the limit). When my eyes opened again, I wondered how come the car was driving straight and not veering to the left nor right, especially when I took a slight bend in the road. This happened several times up until I got to Diego Martin.
My thoughts were to pull aside and sleep for awhile. Then I wondered if Roger could drive, this thought was cancelled as it is not my car but company’s, so not a good idea.

On Wrightson Road, before reaching Licensing Office, I asked Roger if we could pray for the service, he agreed and he began to pray. While he was praying, I took the opportunity to pray against what was happening to me, it helped but not much. Roger praying gave me a chance to agree and focus on something else.

Strangely enough, my foot never came off the pedal, and we didn’t stop at any traffic lights (that I could remember), if so then not for long. My eyes were still shutting down and the car is still driving safely.
When we reached Diego Martin, by Starlite Shopping Plaza, I told Roger what was happening to me, he bound the spirit of slumber and weariness and commanded it to leave me. By this time we were on Diego Martin Highway nearing to the Crystal Stream turnoff. I felt much better. I thanked Roger.
At the top of the street, opposite Rain-O-rama, I rejoiced.
If I didn’t say it out loud, but I think that, I said, “YOU LOSE, WE REACHED SAFELY”. I was feeling awake now.
We turned to Sinclair Hill, Roger went inside while I parked the car.

I shared some of the experience with David as I we were walking inside to Service.
Only to hear that David, Leanna, and Peggy each say that they were each feeling tired that afternoon.
Satan really is a wicked destroyer. BUT HE IS A CONQUERED FOE.

That afternoon we had a powerful worship experience with the Lord for which I was fully awake. Roger’s prayers were answered, each item he prayed for was answered.
As we got to the message I got tired and sleepy again and was really fighting to stay awake the latter part of the message. This time I believe it was more a natural thing, I was concerned as to how we would get home this time.
Guess what?
God supplied STRENGTH.

Prophet Charmaine came and stood near to me, as I was seated in the front row, and as she ministered to the person in the 3rd row, the anointing which was upon her came upon me in such a powerful way that I was bowing over in the chair absorbing it. I WAS AWAKEN AND STRENGTHEN BY THE LORD.

That night I took Cherrie Ann, Justin, Tessa and Roger home. As we drove in the easterly direction, we sang, clapped and rejoiced to the sweet worship songs of Shalom Jerusalem.

If you are wondering how the steering was kept straight, it was an angel whom God sent to protect us.

Also I knew that before Service commenced, those present would be praying for the afternoon’s service and safety of those persons attending.

Also I could not give up, nor pull aside to sleep. I had to persist and press on. Despite it all we reached SAFELY.

So what the devil meant for harm, destruction and death, turned out to being a great, great victory for the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


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