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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Monthly Archives: November 2012

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A Refreshing Bath

This week, I confess I have not really been tapping into God’s Presence as I should and wanted to. Yesterday I was really feeling the spiritual attacks, I had such headaches, and variety of pains. At times I had a silent pity party too. Then last night I discovered the dryer is not coming on, this is an essential, for where I live. So I said Lord, I can’t afford this expense. Although I did pray and bound, it was not with vigour, authority and belief.

This morning the Holy Spirit was speaking and reassuring me.

Today, for the first time ever, I experienced a really embarrassing moment on a completely different level, as I was a witness and unwilling participant to the event. Unfortunately I can’t allude any further. That almost made me want to go home. BUT I SAID NO – good thing too.

As it is Wednesday, MAP’s Prayer and Bible Study, I was anxious to be there as I wanted to hear more of God’s Word expounded and unraveled. God provided transport via Shirley, another member, so we arrived on time.

From the moment, I reached inside, I felt the Holy Spirit – a warmth in my back.
I was just blessed (happy) to be there in that divinely warm atmosphere.
Then Charmaine told us she wanted to worship God, that she really needed to worship God and be in His Presence. Leanna remarked that her worship was cut short this morning. It seemed as though everyone had some difficulty this week.

We, the few of us who were present, sang the song “AWESOME” by Charles Jenkins twice with much gusto and abandonment. We REJOICED IN OUR LORD AND GOD.
So much so that God transformed the room to a well of intimacy with Him, A  spiritual pool with living, refreshing waters.
As the more we all sang in unison, and declared our love for OUR GOD, the Father gave us His LIBERTY.
As we continued to sing and shout, spiritual bands were broken off of us and our feet were cleansed by the waters that we were standing in.

God wants us to worship Him with an abandonment, that goes past our cares, our worries, our needs. goes past our neighbours, our families. Where we just toss our heads back, lift up our hands, focus our eyes on Him and lavish upon HIM our love.
When we do that GOD HIMSELF will come and visit us, He will do what no man can do, give us a part of HIMSELF.
In Him there is FREEDOM!

Bank Account Testimony

On Sat. 10th Nov. 2012 after sharing her message on Carriers of God’s Glory with us, Charmaine further shared a testimony with us on how God supernaturally replaced 100% what she gave.

That brought to my remembrance a few times when the Lord supernaturally provided for me. Here is one:

I believe it was November 2007, whilst on my way to First Citizens Bank Maraval Road branch, to cash my salary cheque, one block from my workplace, I just sensed a thought and I spoke it out loud. I said, “Lord, resurrect that which was dead!” About 20mins later while at the counter, the teller asked me if I had a bank account with them. I told her yes, I did but I had not utilized the account in over 3 years. When she checked, the account was still open. I was amazed.

Needless to say on the way to the office, I thanked the Lord for His Provision.

Since that day, I have been faithfully using that account. Also, on two occasions I had funds in the account when I knew I should have had little. The first time I had $100 and on another $200.

I thanked the Lord, but I question where and how it got there.

But I just put it down that God had someone deposit it and I thanked Him for the person.

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