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Ministry for Anointed Prophecy (M.A.P.) is a prophetic ministry based in the West Indian twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Prophecy to the People in M.A.P. – 15/08/2012

My people do not be weary in well doing. I the Lord have seen your tears, heard your cry. I know your concerns. Do not be weary in doing my will; I shall reward you. I shall not tarry in it. I shall make haste in rewarding you for your faithfulness. Do not be concerned with what you see. I am a judge; I bless whom I choose to bless, I curse whom I choose to curse. I the Lord am Sovereign.

My sons and daughters, I love you with an everlasting love. I shall never leave you. You belong to me. I shall always protect you. Do you know where the wind is blowing? It’s blowing; do not be tossed with contrary winds. Step into my stream” says the Lord “And I will bless you. Seek my face and I shall reward you. Do you know my voice my children? The thunder roars and you say it’s God but it’s not me. For I come before you in a still small voice. Do you know my voice? Spend time with me daily. I do not destroy, I build, I restore. My children, young ones, sons and daughters, hear my voice.  My Spirit is blowing. Get into that stream to hear my voice. My Spirit is blowing. Get into that stream to hear my voice. I come quietly to you; I speak quietly to you in that season. Step into the stream of my wind as it blows. I will take you to a place of perfection in me.  I desire obedience says the Lord. I am not interested in your sacrifice. I the Lord am speaking. Look at the nations, watch and see what I will do for the next few months. I shall protect my own.”

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